Groupon Promotion

In May, Eerie Nights offered a great discount on Groupon. This page will provide all of our customers who purchased our Groupon deal with detailed directions on how to redeem your vouchers for the Eerie Nights Ghost Tour.

If you did not purchase a Groupon deal and are looking to purchase
tickets online please click here or purchase tickets at our booth the
evening of the tour!


Congrats on taking advantage of our 2 for 1 Groupon deal. To redeem your voucher you must present it at our ticket booth, which is located on the Main St. side of the 17th St. Farmers Market and opens no less than a half-hour before the tour departs. Be aware that there is a limited capacity on the tours, though we have a tour guide set aside to accommodate large groups of voucher holders and do not anticipate there being an issue. Admittance the evening of a tour is on a first come - first served basis. We recommend arriving a half hour in advance to assure your spot on the tour.

*If a tour is full the evening you wish to attend (or) you arrive late then you are welcome to attend any one of our regularly scheduled tours for the remainder of the season, before the voucher expires.

-Note that we do not take advance reservations for Groupon Vouchers.

*We recommend using your voucher before the last weekend that the voucher is valid, as people who have held onto their vouchers will be rushing to catch a tour before it expires.


If you have not used your voucher before it expires (Vouchers expire before October) then you may still use your voucher, however the voucher is no longer valid for a 2 for 1 entry. Instead your voucher now becomes a single admission ticket good for one person. We do not offer refunds for unused vouchers.

If you have any other questions about using your voucher, or about the tour please feel free to e-mail us at


Eerie Nights Ghost Tour - Capital Creepers LLC

Capital Creepers LLC does not guarantee admission to voucher holders on a specific tour evening, if a tour is full the voucher holder must attend on another evening. Voucher holders accept the information provided in the disclaimer sections of this website when they choose to attend the tour. All vouchers and tickets are a revocable license at the discretion of Capital Creepers LLC.